Dr. Mohmmed Almalki

Dr. Almalki is consultant, Internal Medicine & Medical Toxicologist. He is the Chairman of Department of Internal Medicine at King Saud Medical city, Riyadh, KSA.

Dr. Almalki is board certified in internal Medicine from Saudi council for health specialties, he completed a fellowship in medical toxicology at Emory university and Georgia poison center in Atlanta USA, and joined King Saud Medical city, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a consultant physician and medical toxicologist, also Dr. Almalki is member of the medical toxicology development program, ministry of health, Saudi Arabia, a group of medical toxicologist running medical toxicology consultation and toxicology educational activities in the Kingdom, Dr. Almalki has presented at both national and regional conferences in the field of medical toxicology. He is a board member of the Middle East North Africa Toxicology Association.